History of hotell anno 1647 “the house that frantz built”

By the lock on the Southside of Stockholm, between ”Peder Myndes backe” (the hill of Peder Mynde) and ”Mariagränd” (the alley of Maria) lies ”kvarteret Ormen” (the snake quarter). The quarter has had the same name since 1649 and is still located on the same spot.
Although not much is known about Frantz Bock, in the year 1647 the master tailor built a brick house. According to the population register of 1646, he owned three horses and had two employees; Lasse and Oloff. On the cornerstone that still hangs on the outside wall, Frantz engraved his initials F.B, his wives initials MBW, and Godt mit uns (God be with us) and ANNO 1647. Considering the style of the house it is clear that Frants must have been a man of some wealth.

In 1674 another master tailor, Albrecht Möller, owned the house. In 1691 he sold it to Peder Mynder, a member of the bourgeoisie, who gave his name to the hill ” Peder Mynde”. P. Mynder came from Holland and the same year he bought the house and received permits for the manufacture of tobacco on the premises. This manufacturing continued throughout the 18th century during which time the house was owned by Johan Hofwing and his family. There is a description of the house from 1730, that tells us that the house had four floors and a double attic covered with red bricks. In the backyard there was a three-storey press house that now is a part of the house on ”Mariagränd” 3.

The building on ”Mariagränd”, where the front desk is located, received its present facade in 1776, while most of the interior is of more recent design. The cross vaulted archway is a charming memorial.

Frantz Bock´s creation The Peder Mynde house, was bought in 1808 (at the turn of the century the house was owned by Abraham Rehmal, a silk manufacturer) at a city auction by Koschell & Co owned by Gabriel Christian Koschell. He opened a wine cellar in the ground floor. Märta Helena Reenstierna, ”Årstafrun” (the Årsta wife) and a good friend of Bellman wrote in her diary: ”I drank in Koschell´s cellar a glass of Portuguese wine”

Five years later in 1813 the Koschell family sold the house to a superintendent David Ek and during the rest of the 19th century the house changed owners several times. 1873 the house was totally restored and in 1897 it was bought by ”Stockholm’s Sjömanshem” (Stockholm sailor home) and they opened a hotel.

Hope you enjoyed reading the historical background of Anno 1647. We look forward to welcoming you to the house that Frantz Bock built.